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At Brampton Primary School we teach English through dedicated 'literacy' lessons across the school. These have slightly different formats depending on the age and stage of the pupils.

In the Early Years there is a great emphasis on speaking and listening as well as phonics. Children have daily Literacy sessions which are structured around the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. Further literacy work is planned around exciting topic related texts which foster a love of reading, speaking and writing.

In Key Stage 1 all pupils have a Literacy lesson daily; this involves speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Read Write Inc. Phonics programme is taught daily in groups related to the phases of phonics teaching and learning. Pupils learn to love books and other forms of text, including audio and visual texts.

During the course of Year 2, we aim to start children on the Read Write Inc. Literacy & Language programme.  This is an intergrated reading, writing and speaking and listening programme which is designed to support children in the acquisition of age related literacy skills.   

Key Stage 2 classes have a dedicated Literacy hour which is also structured around the Literacy & Language programme. Children read whole class texts, learning about different genres of writing, aspects of grammar and reading comprehension through these texts.  Some children in Years 3 and 4 continue to work through the final stages of the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme.  Children who struggle with reading in Years 5 and 6 may also take part in the Fresh Start programme.     

Our spelling lessons are taught through a weekly focused session in years 2 to 6.   Children are given word lists to learn as part of their homework. They are also given daily time in school through handwriting, morning work and guided reading activities to practise these spellings further.     

We also have dedicated guided reading sessions daily in all classes. These involve groups of children reading a text with an adult and discussing it in detail while other children enjoy time to read independently, complete follow up tasks or read with other children.  

The emphasis on acquiring age-appropriate Literacy skills is designed to ensure that we foster a love of reading and writing and prepare children for the next phase of their education.

We are always looking for adults to support reading in school. If this could be you then please do contact us!
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