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History is taught from reception through to year six using a creative, cross curricular approach based on the National Curriculum programmes of study. We offer children learning opportunities which will develop skills in historical enquiry, knowledge and understanding through a varied and engaging breadth of study.
In reception, children will begin to gain an understanding of history and chronology relating to themselves and their lives, through topics such as celebrations, birthdays and time lines.
Building on this experience through their topic work in year one and two children will cover toys of the past, famous events such as ‘The great fire of London’, famous people and a local area study.
Children in year three and four will deepen their knowledge and understanding of invaders and settlers linked to our local area making good use of our local links (Hadrian’s Wall etc) by studying the Romans and Vikings. They will deepen their understanding of chronology by studying an ancient society through their work on ‘The Egyptians’.
In year five and six children will look at the Victorians, Tudors, Britain since 1930 and conduct a local area study. 
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