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Year 6 - Miss Miller

Welcome to Miss Miller's Year 6 class


Welcome back!


I hope you all had a wonderful summer. The children have come back refreshed and very excited for another school year – their last at Brampton Primary.


In literacy, we have started with a graphic novel called ‘The Hero Twins’, which is a myth that links to our autumn topic – Maya Civilisation. We have hit the ground running with maths, already completing a place value unit and now getting to grips with the four operations. Our first science topic is ‘Forces’.

This year we are very lucky to have Mrs Watson working with us in class and also Mrs Israel, who will be teaching some Year 5 and 6 children for maths and literacy during morning sessions.


Each week, your child will be given some homework which will include reading each evening, learning the multiplication tables, spellings and a literacy or maths activity. Homework will be given out on Monday and returned on Thursday. I would appreciate it if you could support your child in the planning of when he/she should spend time completing homework as it is best to do frequent short sessions rather than all of it in one evening.

In year 6 we encourage the children to be independent and responsible for the completion and handing in of their homework – this is great preparation for secondary school life. All of the children have an orange homework book to work in and a brand new reading record to note the book they are currently reading, with any page numbers and comments, along with anything else they need to remember. Feel free to use either book as a channel of communication between home and school too, should you wish to.


The children in Year 6 have P.E. on both Monday and Wednesday afternoons and they will need to remember their kit on these days. I should remind everybody, P.E. kit includes a white, plain T-shirt (not the polo shirt they are wearing all day), black or blue shorts and either trainers or plimsolls. No jewellery should be worn for safety reasons. P.E. is part of the curriculum and it is important for children to have their P.E. kit on the appropriate day.


It is also useful to have an old shirt or T-shirt in school for art / D&T activities to be kept in their locker for the year.


As a school, we strive to help your child to achieve his / her full potential in every area of school life and we all work hard to ensure this happens. In return, we expect the children to apply themselves fully and success should follow. Year 6 is a very challenging and rewarding year for all involved so I am hoping to see great determination to reach for end of year - and primary school - goals.

I for one am looking forward to it!


Miss Miller


A few dates:

Wednesday 19th September Meet the Teacher eveing

Wednesday 19th September School photographs

Tuesday 25th September KS2 Netball Tournament (WHS 9-12)

Tuesday 27th September Y56 Large schools football tournament

Saturday 6th October Y56 Annual football tournament at WHS

Tues 16th – Fri 19th October Hawse End residential visit

22nd – 26th October HALF TERM



Hi all,

We've arrived and are safe! Sorry this update is so late and is not on the latest news page but we're having a few WiFi issues that we'll hopefully have rectified tomorrow.

Thank you all for your positive send-offs this morning; we left on time and arrived at quarter to eleven ready for some bed making! I've attached some photos to prove the children can do it that you can feel free to use once their home, parents smiley

After lunch we all prepared for our afternoon activities: kayaking, orienteering and ghyll scrambling. A little bit of wind made steering the kayaks a little tricky (see the photo of Kelsey in the reeds!) and we experienced a new ghyll this afternoon with lots of slides and pools to land in! We have all been really proud of the children's positive attitudes, team work and resilience - we are definitely in for a good week.

We had a tasty tea tonight of pasta bolognaise with lots of the children trying it even if they weren't sure - and being pleasantly surprised! This was followed by our night walk with a special firework display and homemade shortbread and hot chocolate for supper.

This is always the latest night as the children are excited but they have been fantastic and we've had quiet rooms for  a good while now so they've settled really well - a great start!

We will update again tomorrow and Mr Clark will add some more photos that he has taken since we've been here - but here are a few to keep you going...

Practical investigations in science so far...

We are enjoying our music lessons!

Being active!

WW2 research in Year 6

The Great Grammar Hunt! #revision

6LM trip to the River Irthing

What we are learning this year...

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