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Picasso was famous for his paintings of faces.

Notice how Picasso splits the face into different views, so we see the person looking straight at us, and we see a view of them from the side.

Notice too the colours Picasso used.

Let’s take inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s style of painting faces to create our own.


Materials needed

:: paper or card

:: paint or coloured marker pens/pencils

:: pencil

:: black marker pen


Decide whether you are going to create a self-portrait (a picture of you) or a portrait of someone else.

Do you want to use one of Picasso’s paintings as your inspiration, or will you base your cubist art on someone you know?

You might like to look in the mirror and think about the shapes that make up your face.



Begin by drawing an outline of a face on you paper or card, using a pencil.

You can split your face in half, following Picasso’s style, to show your person looking straight at you AND in profile (looking to the side).


Then use paint, coloured pencils or marker pens to add colour. 


Break up your picture into blocks, in the cubist style.

You might like to use bold colours, perhaps using the same colours you have seen in the Picasso paintings we looked at.


You might like to only paint a face, or you might also draw the person’s body.

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