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Covid-19 Info & Updates

As of Monday 1st June 2020,  we are reopening the school in a gradual and thoughtful manner.  We are currently offering childcare for our vulnerable families and children of critical workers.  Please refer to this letter for further information. 


If you are eligible to access this childcare please refer to the mini-site here for more information. 


Alternatively, eligible families can book places directly through the booking form here.  Please note that the booking form is open from 8am on Wednesday until 3pm on Friday for the following week.     


Before your child returns to school we ask you to read this information first and talk to your child to prepare them for what 'school' will be like.  Thank you. 

Questions & Answers


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How do I get tested for Covid-19? Please click here


How should I talk to my child about Covid-19? Please click here

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