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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Can you design your own Egyptian God or Goddess?

First, you need to decide whether they will be a God or a Goddess.

Then, you need to decide what they will be a God/Goddess of.  If you can, try to make it something different to what the Ancient Egyptians had.  What was their special job?

What will they look like?  What creature will they have the head of?  Again, try to make this as original as you can.


As always, be as creative as you like.  You could draw or paint your God/Goddess, writing a short explanation of what they are a God/Goddess of and what their appearance is based on. 


This website below shows the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, giving you some key facts about each one and some images to give you inspiration.


These posters of the Gods and Goddesses may also be of use.


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