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Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus


Can you design and make your own Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus?


Do you know what a sarcophagus is?

It is a stone coffin where the body (mummy) was placed.  Placing the body in the sarcophagus was the last step in the mummification process.


Can you get creative a make a 3D sarcophagus?

You can make it from any material you want, but cardboard might be best.

There is a template you could use below if you need help you create the cuboid of the coffin.


Do you have an action figure/doll/figurine at home that could be used as an Ancient Egyptian mummy to put inside your sarcophagus?


If you want to, you could even decorate your sarcophagus before you assemble it together.

You will need to research what Ancient Egyptians decorated a sarcophagus with.


If you don’t have any objects/materials to make a sarcophagus, you could design one instead.

There is a template you could use below.  Again, you will need to do some research to find out how the lid of the sarcophagus was decorated.


This video provides some more information about tombs in Ancient Egypt.  The tomb is where the sarcophagus would be laid to rest.

History KS2: Tombs in Ancient Egypt:

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