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Coin rubbing is such a quick and easy art activity for kids, you can set it up in minutes and everything that you need, you will have at home – better still it is not messy so it’s easy to clear up afterwards! Plus, you can make a really colourful piece of artwork to put on your wall.


This also a great activity for children to name and identify coins.


You will need:-

  • Paper – the paper should not be too thick otherwise the coin rubbing won’t work very well. In fact the best paper I have found for this is the cheap standard copy paper that you buy for a printer in packs of 500 sheets. So basically you don’t want to use that expensive art paper.
  • Pencils – now put away those lovely top quality watercolour pencils that you bought to use with your adult colouring books! They will work of course, but actually are not the best for this. The best ones I have found are harder pencils, or even the cheap sets of pencils that are marketed to kids. Ordinary lead pencils are also really good for this.
  • Crayons – if you have kids who don’t quite have the fine motor skill for pencils, crayons are a good way of starting them off with this craft.
  • Some Coins - The best ones to use are those with big bold designs rather than a lot of fine details. I’ll talk some more about the best ones to use later.

That’s it, you are good to go!

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