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Cartouche Making


What is a cartouche?

A cartouche is a nameplate that was used by the Ancient Egyptians (usually pharaohs or very rich people).  A cartouche had the person’s name written in hieroglyphics and was usually placed on a sarcophagus.  The Ancient Egyptians believed that it was important to have your name written down and recorded, otherwise you might disappear in death and not find the underworld.  The oval shape of the cartouche was important because it represented eternity – no beginning and no end.


There is also an information PowerPoint to read if you want to and this website is quite useful too:


Please click this link as this website shows some great examples of finished cartouches:


Can you make your own Cartouche?

Your task is to make your own cartouche.  You could make it out of cardboard or paper and draw your hieroglyphs on it.  If you are struggling to draw the hieroglyphics to represent your name, you could print out the hieroglyphic alphabet and stick the symbols on.  If you have play-doh at home, you could have a go at making a cartouche with that. 


Before you start making your cartouche, it would be a good idea to figure out your name in hieroglyphics.  I have included the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs alphabet below.


Once you know what hieroglyphics you need, you can start to make your cartouche out of whatever material you want.  I am excited to see your cartouches.


This website might be useful to help with hieroglyphs:


If you have modelling clay at home, I have included instructions on how to make a clay cartouche below also.  If you are going to make your cartouche with play-doh, these instructions will work well also.

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