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Necklace making


Your task this week is to create an Ancient Egyptian inspired necklace/collar.  Before you start, have a quick look on the internet at what they looked like - ask an adult to help you do this.


To make your necklace, you could use a paper plate or a piece of cardboard (draw around a dinner plate to create a circle).


When it comes to decorating it, Ancient Egyptian necklaces were often made of beads placed in repeating patterns.  Use a pencil to lightly sketch your design before you paint or colour it in.  Keep your design simple and try to follow a repeating pattern throughout.  You can paint your necklace or colour it in using colouring pens or pencils.


In the word document below, I have included instructions on how to make three different Ancient Egyptian inspired necklaces/collars.


Please share your wonderful creations with me on ClassDojo.

Ancient Egyptian necklace making instructions

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