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Ancient Egypt


Make a Shaduf


Ancient Egyptian farmers had real trouble getting water to their crops.  They needed a SHADUF.


Apart from the yearly flooding of the River Nile, there was little water in Egypt.  Without water, the crops would wither and die in the hot sun.  Farmers needed a way to get the water from the streams and canals to their fields.  They used a device called a SHADUF to do this.


Your challenge is to have a go at making your own shaduf.


I have included two different methods for you to have a go at (see word document below).  Choose either method or have a go at both.  If you are just going to make one and you have the resources to, method 2 will be better as the yoghurt pot will allow you to pick up water.


Please share your shaduf with me on ClassDojo.  I'm really excited to see them.

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