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To make your own pop art picture:


Step 1: think about what you would like to draw in each box then search on swiggle for an image of it (it could be your favourite food, animal, hobby etc). To make sure it's simple, type what you're looking for and put the word outline after it e.g. I wanted a zebra so I typed in zebra outline and then clicked on images (look where I've put the red arrow on the first picture). If you wanted, you could find a sports person, author, singer etc or do a self portrait too!


Step 2: fold your page in to 6 sections then use a black felt tip, coloured pencil or oil pastel to go over the lines. Now draw your item in each space with a pencil first (in case you make any mistakes) then go over with black felt tip and rub out any pencil lines.


Step 3: colour in all the backgrounds - a bright, different colour in each section.


Step 4: colour in your item in each section in a different colour that stands out against the background colour.

Some ideas

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