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Your task: can you create a self-portrait in the style of Lichtenstein (look at the last image above)?



1: Draw your face on a piece of blank A4 paper. (This is easier if you can take a photo, print it or have it on a screen to trace it.)


2: When you are happy with your drawing, go over their pencil lines with a black pen. You can emphasise certain parts of their face by creating thicker black lines.


3: If you have outlined in permanent pen, you could very lightly colour wash their hair or clothing with water colour paint. If you have used pen that is water soluble, you could very lightly colour the hair and clothing with coloured pencils. Remember that the background needs to be lighter than the spots.


4: Finally, you need to decide how you want to use the circles - you could just cover your skin with them and give yourself really bright, solid hair, or you could cover the whole picture with circles. You then need to colour them with a bright, bold colour that will stand out against the background colours. You could add speech bubbles or an onomatopoeia explosion then cut out your portrait and stick it on brightly coloured paper.

Some examples...

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