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Ancient Egypt


Make an Ancient Egyptian themed diorama


What is a diorama?

A diorama is a model representing a scene.  They can be miniature or large-scale and are usually 3D. 


Firstly, open your internet browser and go to Google if you aren’t already on it.  Do a Google image search of ‘Ancient Egypt diorama’ so that you have an idea of what you are trying to achieve.  Some of the examples on the internet are very complex but please don’t worry as I am not expecting anything too complex or intricate. 


You will need something like a piece of cardboard, a shoebox, a large baking tray or a plastic box lid to form the base of you 3D scene.


The theme is obviously Ancient Egypt, so you need to think about the main landmarks and features you would see.  If possible, you should aim to include the River Nile and the Pyramids at the very least.  You could also include a desert area, farmer’s fields, a camel or two, palm trees and/or a boat on the River Nile.



  • Use colouring pencils/pens to draw the River Nile (blue), farmer’s fields (green) and desert (yellow).
  • Use material or fabric to create the River Nile, fields and desert if you have any handy at home.
  • Use lego, paper, cardboard or play-doh to create the Pyramids.
  • You could have a toy boat sailing up/down the River Nile.
  • If you have any farming toy figures, add these to your fields.
  • If you are using a shoebox, you could decorate the vertical sides – sky, clouds, sun etc.


Please share your Ancient Egyptian dioramas with me on ClassDojo.  I am very excited to see them!

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