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Art this week continues with the Pop Art theme and will last for 2 weeks, or longer if you wish.  Below is the link to the Pop Art video if you would like to watch it again or you missed it last week.


Look in the video for the artist Parviz Tanavoli.  He comes from Iran, and some of his artwork is made from materials which can be thrown away, like the picture below.


Your activity is to design and make a sculpture from materials which could be thrown away or recycled, such as boxes, tubes, cartons, or anything else you can find at home!  Your sculpture does not have to look like anything in particular, but it can if you wish.  Draw a picture of what you want your sculpture to look like, then over the next 2 weeks you can have a go at making it.  If you are only able to draw your design but do not have materials to make it that is fine.


To think about: 

How do you want your sculpture to look?

Will you use colour?

What recycled materials do you have at home that you could use?

Do you need to collect anything to help you make it?


Remember to take a photo of anything you make. I would love to see your artwork as always.


Have fun!

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