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European Country Creative Task


This task links with the topic lesson this week.  It would be a good idea to have a go at this once you have completed the topic lessons. 


The second topic lesson asks you to conduct some research into a European country of your choice.


Using this country as a focus, your task is to create or make something that this country is famous and well-known for.  This could be a famous food recipe/dish/item or a famous landmark – either physical feature (natural) or human feature (man-made).


Be as creative as you can be and use whatever materials/ingredients you have at home.  Please don’t go out especially to buy anything – I’m sure you will have plenty of items at home that could work.  This could include cardboard, plastic or anything else you have in your recycling pile, as well as Lego, Play-Doh, modelling clay, K’NEX etc.


Please share photos with us on ClassDojo of your wonderful European country creation.


Note – if you have chosen a European country for your topic work and don’t want to use this as a focus for your creative task, you can choose a different European country if you would prefer.


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