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Curriculum Design

In our school we continually strive towards developing and maintaining an engaging and purposeful curriculum which aligns with the National Curriculum.

We have reviewed the planning process, restructured topics and clarified expectations to ensure we are delivering the new statutory curriculum (launched in 2014). We have also thought very carefully about the needs of the children of Brampton. Through discussion with staff, children and parents we have identified four ‘drivers’ which we feel need to underpin our school’s curriculum in order to give our children the skills, knowledge and personal attributes that they need to become lifelong learners and fulfil their own aspirational goals.

These drivers are summarised as follows:

Our curriculum will strive to develop an understanding of and a sense of pride in the local community so that children become positive and proactive members of the community.

Our curriculum will strive to open children’s eyes to new possibilities so they can develop aspirational attitudes and understand how to achieve their dreams.

Understanding the world
Our curriculum will strive to help children understand the world around them on a local, national and international level so they can learn to look after it responsibly.

Emotional awareness
Our curriculum will strive to make children aware of their own emotions and how their actions impact on others so they can become well rounded citizens.

In each of our new topics staff and children will plan to ensure the expectations of the National Curriculum are met and are taught in a way which is underpinned by these four key drivers.

If you would like to know more about the content of the National Curriculum, please use the link provided below. Furthermore, if you would like to know more about what the curriculum looks like at each stage of our school, then please visit the 'class pages' section through the Children tab on the homepage.


The National Curriculum

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