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In class this week, we are going to finish writing our first draft of our Skara Brae non-chronological report.  After that, we will edit it and try to improve it.  We usually edit in a coloured pen but this is not essential.  For editing, we will look for the basics such as missing capital letters and full stops.  We will then check for missing words or sentences that don't make sense.  Once we have edited, we will then look at ways to improve our writing.  For example, if you have explain that - In 1850, there was a big storm... - we would try to up-level some adjectives and swap 'big' for a synonym, such as huge.  To improve our writing further, we would also try to add in another adjective to form an even better expanded noun phrase.  For example, if you had improved your writing to - In 1850, there was a huge storm... - you could go a step further by saying - In 1850, there was a huge, fierce storm...

Once we have edited, we will be re-writing our work, applying our edits and improvements.

Again, I have uploaded Skara Brae images that you may wish to include in your non-chronological report.  You could draw something similar if you do not have access to a printer.


Alternatively, I have uploaded some stand-alone grammar lessons for you to have a go at.  Printing is not essential and all answers can be written down on paper you have at home.

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