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This web page has been set up to provide you with Home Learning activities and ideas for you and your child while you are self-isolating or the school is closed.


Please keep a close eye on this page for additional ideas or changes weekly.   

Suggested Timetable - Week 13  Monday 13th  July

A little reminder...this work is NOT compulsory, but if you would like to continue with some home learning then these activities are here to help.  Please contact me through class dojo if you have any queries or questions. 


This half term our topic is Animals.  


Curriculum Area

Suggested Tasks 


Maths activity – White rose maths.

Daily activities linked to ‘How many Legs?’ by Kes Gray & Jim Field



Draw a selection of animals and count and label how many legs.

Using small world animals choose two and add their legs together.

Sort them into groups according to how many legs.

Counting your steps.

Problem solving!





Literacy activity-

Shared reading of the book ‘How many legs’.   Mrs Morton’s story time on dojo

Make a list of all the animals found in the book

See and hear the song here:

Place a piece of string, rope or tape onto the floor for the children to walk on while singing!

Write simple sentences about animals. e.g An elephant has four legs.    A spider has eight legs.  A snake has no legs.

Write a description about your favourite animal



Phonics -Watch and learn with Alphablocks 


Learn reception sight words.




Continue to read lots and keep your reading records up to date.

Share a story with your child or read along side them.  Talk about what you have read. 

Topic related

Topic Animals(How many legs)

  • Drawing or painting different animals
  • Making  a paper bag octopus
  • Make paper snails / CD snails or paper plate snails
  • Bake cakes for the animals party
  • Talk about transition and change.  (making worry dolls)


Activities will be uploaded onto our class dojo

Remember to upload photographs onto your child’s portfolio on dojo.  We love to see what your busy with.



Enjoy your daily exercise.  

Enjoy P.E with Jo wicks:  

Jump start Jonny:    

Mini Me Yoga:           


Get in touch...

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