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This work is for today and tomorrow (Friday 5th February). 

Use the example reports (Skara Brae and Woolly Mammoths) attached above as an example of what to aim for by the end of Friday's lesson.


Some of you have been exploring the use of ICT in your work so you can type up your troll information and present your work very similarly to the examples if you want to.  However, writing your report on paper - just as we have done last year in school - will be absolutely perfect.  Remember to include pictures and make sure they show or represent what you are writing about.


I would split the work up between Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, first check your draft/plan from Wednesday and edit it.  Have you included capital letters, full stops, finger spaces between words and does it make sense?  After that, check other details such as, have you included some adverbs with a super important comma after them?  Could you up-level any adjectives and make them more interesting?  Once you have done that, you could write the heading, introduction and 2 paragraphs.  On Friday, you could check your writing from yesterday and make sure you haven't missed anything.  If you spot something, just edit it as you go.  Then, you could write the remaining 4 paragraphs.

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