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We have now read 'The Bumblebear' and 'Billy and the Beast' by Nadia Shireen. I hope you have enjoyed these stories - I know I have!

This week i have decided we should read 'The cow who fell to Earth' which is another fantastic book by the same author. Below you will find a link to listen to the book and activity ideas for the week. I hope you enjoy it and would love to see some photos of what you have been getting up to. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Watch 'The cow who fell to Earth' using the link above and then have a go at these activities throughout the week:


- research Nadia Shireen (the author) and write an information page/poster/powerpoint about her

- complete the SPAG activity

- retell the story in your own words

- draw a picture and write a newspaper report about the cow who fell to Earth

- create a missing poster from Dave the cow's family

- design a rocket for Dave the cow to travel back to the moon in

- make a rocket from your design with recycling from home

- design another animal that falls from space e.g. the moon mouse, and write your own story

- use your spellings in some sentences about the story.



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