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In class, we have been writing a letter to the Home Secretary.  We were inspired to ask her to help more refugees after reading about Ahmet and his family in our book, 'The Boy At the Back of the Class'.


Task for Tuesday:

Edit your own writing.

First, edit your writing by finding and correcting errors, such as missing capital letters, missing full stops and missing words.  Make sure to look out for any fronted adverbials with missing commas too.

Then, try to improve your writing by adding some adjectives or up-levelling the ones you have included. 

For example, if you have written - Please find it in your heart to help more refugees.  You could add an adjective in to describe the refugees.  Such as - Please find it in your heart to help more desperate refugees. 

If you have written, Please find it in your heart to help more poor refugees.  You could change the word 'poor' for a more powerful adjective/s.  Such as - Please find it in your heart to help more desperate, downtrodden refugees.


Task for Wednesday:

Re-write your writing.

Re-write your writing, from the very beginning (including the addresses) and don't forget to change the date of your letter.  Make sure to include your edits from yesterday's lesson.


Please see below for your tasks for Thursday and Friday.


Writing to edit

The Boy At The Back Of The Class - Chapters 13-17. These are the chapters we will be reading this week in class.

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