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Monday 7th February - Wednesday 9th February


This week, we are going to be using the writing we have completed over the last few weeks to write a piece of independent, assessed writing. You have re-told the Disney film FEAST from Winston's point of view. You are now going to re-tell the story from Dad's point of view.  


Remember, there are 9 plot points so you will write 9 paragraphs. I suggest you work on crafting 3 each day this week (Mon-Wed). Use the narrative plan I have attached below to help you with the plot points and the teacher model of our story from the last few weeks to help you. I will also attach the link to the film, in case you need to watch it again and think about it from Dad's viewpoint instead. Think about all the rich vocabulary you have used and try hard to include it as well as the huge variety of punctuation types. Don't forget the basics though - capital letters to start your sentences!!

Thursday 10th February 2022


Today I would like you to read Chapter 8 of Viking Boy and answer the questions.  You may not get all the questions done, just get as far as you can in about an hour (including reading time).  You do not need to print anything, answer the questions on a piece of paper.  Try to answer in full sentences, remembering capital letters and punctuation.

Friday 11th February 2022


Today we are practising relative pronouns and relative clauses.  Watch the video first then have a go at the activity.  You can copy out the sentences then underline the relative clause.  Maybe someone could test you on your weekly spellings today too.  

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