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Through the world of Sayeeda, the Pirate Princess, your child will explore a
range of purposeful activities which are broken down into bite sized chunks.
Each activity is carefully explained and many could be extended. They are
designed to be shared activities. At the end of the booklet, you and your child
and are invited to comment on how they got on with the learning and this will
help their class teacher.


The activities in this booklet are:
• Story of Sayeeda the pirate princess - Talk activity about the story
• Reading response activities
- Who said what? - Quiz Time
• Exploring words together
• Enjoying a song together: ‘When I was one.’
• Fill your treasure chest
• Sayeeda’s diary entry: helping her to use fullstops and capital letters
• Helping Sayeeda to improve her handwriting
• How to make a pirate hat
• Story time!
• What’s in Fergus’ treasure box?
• Riddles
• Treasure maps
• Review of learning


Have fun together!

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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