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The next 3 weeks of maths lessons are going to be a little bit different.  On the White Rose Maths website, they are going over fractions again for the next 4 weeks - a topic we have just recently completed.  As we are a week behind, we are going to recap addition and subtraction from Autumn term and we will pick up with WRM online lessons week beginning 22nd June.  The worksheets will be the same WRM ones however, as these lessons are from 2019, there are no videos to support.  Please contact me via ClassDojo if you need help or support.


Please do not use the column methods of addition and subtraction to complete this week's maths.  If possible, try to create your own Base 10 equipment to support learning.  Please see the information on the daily word document about home-made Base 10 equipment.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week, I have created a video to remind children how to use Base 10 maths equipment when adding and subtracting with exchanges.  The videos have been uploaded to Google Drive.  When in Google Drive, right click on the video and select download.  Please let me know if you can't access the videos.

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