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Start your maths activities with a Flashback in 4

This week we will be looking at mass and measuring capacity and volume. Open the document below and click on the video links to take it to your lesson for today. Watch the video and this will help you with some of the vocabulary and content for the lesson. 

Video Links

As part of this weeks 'My Money Week' I thought it might be a nice opportunity for children to identify some coins and make some coin caterpillars to find totals of coins. For your caterpillars I would start by suing copper coins first-counting in 1's and 2's and for more of a challenge, why not throw in a silver coin! Remember, we haven't covered money yet at school, so lots of discussion and handling coins will really help the children with this activity. Get your purses and wallets out! 

Friday- My Money Week Coin Recognition and Coin Caterpillars

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