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Calling All AUTHORS



The Final Lesson of The Borrowers on Oak Academy is attached- Lesson 14 to analyse the climax and resolution if the narrative which is the end of the story.


To prepare your ending work through the clip, or if you are feeling confident and creative, plan your ending and write it in rough independently of the clips.


Now: Write up the Story and create your own book to keep.


Once you have the ending please gather up the previous parts of your story of The Borrowers and we would like you to then write it all as a full story.


Next : Create a Front and Back Cover to protect your story.


Then you can illustrate a Front Cover, and Back Cover with Blurb ( a brief piece about the story) and either staple or bind it together, by using a hole punch along the spine of the pages and tie with string/ribbon/wool or whatever you have at home.




1 To Write a second chapter or a sequel to your story.


You can carry on in the style of story writing you have already used or you can create new characters and a new situation for The Borrowers to experience.



2 To write a short story about one of the characters doing something different to what they did in the first story.

For Example, Pod, or Arietty, could have an adventure to another part of the house, or with a different "bIg" character like James the Grandson. 



Enjoy being an author and illustrator ! 


This activity can continue through to Wednesday if you need time to explore your story sequel.


Then PLEASE UPLOAD to share with us on Do Jo.




Choose to write with Sequencing Frame or independently on your own lined paper or if you have a printer use the lined writing paper attached.
Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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