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A word from Hawse End...

Day one of our residential has been great. Although the rain scuppered all plans of ghyll scrambling, we all managed to take to the lakes in kayaks and rafts. Everyone had a great day. This evening we wolfed down our spaghetti bolognese for tea and the children have gone to bed. The staff are hoping for a good night's sleep - more on how that turned out tomorrow! 

Sadly, the rain has been rather relentless today. However, it hasn't dampened our spirits. Miss Miller and MrSmith's  group enjoyed a woodland workshop and scramble up the ghylls at Ashness Bridge and Honister. The water was flowing powerfully but I'm pleased to report that no children were washed away! Similarly, Mrs Cameron and Mrs Paisley's groups experienced some forceful water in the caves at Ingleton but all have returned back to the centre safely (but a little wet)! After hot showers and roast dinners there are a number of tired faces so all bodes well for a good night's sleep. Zzzzz

Wow! What a marvellous change in the weather we witnessed today. The amazing autumnal scenery and postcard blue skies provided a beautiful backdrop for more ghyll scrambling, caving and some wonderful woodland workshops. A handful of our parents also enjoyed a taste of the action and seemed to enjoy themselves too. This evening's buffet and disco went down well and the boys and girls are all safely tucked up in bed with packed bags and brushed teeth. Apologies to anyone who sat up waiting for a photo last night but the broadband speed scuppered our attempts to upload any. I hope this one lets you know that all your little stars are in one piece! See you all tomorrow.  

After a morning of competetive problem solving, which included the conundrum of packing a suit case, the children and staff weraily made there way back to BPS.  We thoroughly enjoyed another fanatstic adventure to Hawse End and are looking forward to a hot bath and a good night's sleep in our own beds.  Thank you to all the staff and children for making it yet another very memorable experience. 

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