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Amazing Gymnasts!

On Tuesday 23rd February two of our school gym teams travelled to Carlisle Gym Club to take part in the second round of the Key Steps Gym Competition. The children in Years 3 and 4 completed the Key Step 2 competition while Year 5 and 6 took part in the Key Step 3 competition. All of the children looked fantastic (thank you so much to all who made such an effort to help with making hair secure!) and were excited about the challenge ahead. They all performed a vault and a floor routine and the effort they had put into perfecting their routines was clearly evident. Their vaults were very impressive and the children all received high scores, showing great confidence on this piece of gym equipment. They completed their routines and we were all delighted with everything they had achieved. It is always an absolute pleasure to watch the children performing so well. We had an anxious wait for the results and eventually they arrived the following day. The Y56 team finished in 3rd place and the Y34 team in 6th place in what turned out to be a very closely fought contest. Have a look at the full results below and I hope you enjoy the photographs. Excellent results for excellent gymnasts! Well done to all.



Key Steps 2  large schools (Year 3 and 4)

1st Cumwhinton 69.8 pts

2nd Stanwix A 69.4 pts

3rd Scotby 68.8 pts

4th Inglewood A 68.4 pts

5th Bell Vue 67.8 pts

6th Brampton 67.2 pts

7th Caldew Lea 65.2 pts

8th Stanwix B 64.8 pts

9th St Michaels 64.4 pts

10th  Houghton 64.2 pts

11th Upperby A 63.8 pts

12th Inglewood B 63.1 pts

13th Petteril Bank 62.6 pts

14th Austin Friars 60.5 pts

15th Upperby B 57.6 pts


Key Step 3 Large School

1st  Kingmoor 68.5 pts

2nd Stanwix B 68 pts

3rd Brampton 67.3 pts

4th Upperby A 65.9 pts

5th Stanwix A 64.8 pts

5th Inglewood 64.8 pts

5th St Michaels 64.8 pts

6th Petteril Bank 62.9 pts

7th Austin Friars 60.2 pts

8th Robert Ferguson 56.9 pts

9th Upperby B 52.8 pts


Another fabulous competition for the children of Brampton Primary School. Thank you to all of the children, parents and teachers for their efforts - looking forward to next year already. smiley


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