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Another good day for our Gymnasts!

A HUGE congratulations to all of the gymnasts who represented Brampton Primary School at the Second Round of the Gym competition today. We had a team in all 3 levels of the competition and the children made our school very proud!! So… to the results… How did we do?
The Year 1 and 2 team finished in 6th place. The results were:
1st Stanwix A, 2nd Upperby A, 3rd Newlaithes Inf B, =4th Petteril Bank, =4th Brook St A, 6th Brampton, 7th Newlaithes Inf A, 8th St Michaels, 9th Inglewood A, 10th Inglewood B, 11th Stanwix B, 12th Upperby B, 13th Brook St B, 14th Thursby, 15th Rob Ferguson, 16th High Hesket
The Year 5 and 6 team finished in 3rd place. The results were:
1st Kingmoor A, 2nd Stanwix A, 3rd Brampton, 4th Rockcliffe, 5th Upperby A, 6th St Michaels, 7th Petteril Bank, 8th Wreay, 9th Kingmoor B, 10th Scotby, 11th Upperby B, 12th High Hesket
The Year 3 and 4 team finished in 1st place! The results were:
1st Brampton, 2nd Kingmoor, 3rd Stanwix A, 4th Scotby A, 5th Stanwix B, 6th Scotby B, 7th Inglewood A, 8th St Michaels, 9th Thursby, 10th Wreay, 11th Rockcliffe, 12th Petteril Bank, 13th Inglewood B, 14th Upperby A, 15th High Hesket, 16th Upperby B, 17th Rob Ferguson
Well done to all of the children. Our results are a fantastic achievement when you look at the number of teams competing in each competition.
The year 3 and 4 team will now go forward to represent Carlisle and North Cumbria at the County Final on Thursday 3rd April in Penrith. I will send a letter home detailing the competition and a timetable of gym sessions for the children to attend in preparation for the competition.
I must say a big thank you to every one who has made it possible for the children to compete in this competition today: including Miss Nelson for working with Year 1 and 2, Donna, Abby and Esther for helping at gym club and all of the parents who have offered lots of support and transport too!! A special thank you to all of the parents who have made sure their children have been awake and ready for gym at 8 ‘o’ clock in the morning. It is a pleasure to work with your children.
Enjoy the rest of Pancake Day!!
Mrs Paisley 

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