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Athletics Competition

On Tuesday 18th July a group of year 6 children made their way to the rescheduled annual athletics competition. The event was held at William Howard School in incredible sunshine! The children were absolutely delightful and tried their best in each of the track and field events. As well as trying their best in their events they also showed great support for their peers. The atmosphere during our double win of the egg and spoon race was fantastic! 

Please see the results table and enjoy the photographs - we were very pleased with our medal haul!! no





Track Events

70 metres skipping

Angus Loughrey 4th

Zara Thomas 3rd

75 metres sprint

Johnny Emerson 1st

Jasmine Ealey 4th

600 metres

Harry Macnaughton 4th

Sienna Taylor 3rd

70 metres obstacle

Josh Earl 4th

Tess Percival 2nd

Egg and Spoon Race

G Gowland 1st

Ellie Wilson 1st

Relay Team

4 x 100 metres



1. George Morris 

2. Zach Ealey            1st

3. Charlie Davies

4. Johnny Emerson

1. Zara Thomas

2. Jasmine Ealey     2nd

3. Tess Percival

4. Sienna Taylor


High Jump (7 Jumps)

Zach Ealey 1st

Charlotte Turner 3rd

Standing Long Jump

Owen Brown 1st

Tegan Nixon 1st



Joshua Mallinson 1st

Katie Barclay 3rd

Foam Javelin throw

Joshua Earl 1st

Lizzie Wise 5th

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