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BPS Legends @ Gelt Gladiator

If you like mud, then Gelt Gladiator is definitely a challege for you. For some, the rain just made the challenge even more fun! Our team of Brampton legends were almost uncontrollable at the start with the excitement of what was to come. From day one the children have worked as a team to organise and plan the event. I have to say I was initially somewhat worried about allowing our children to take part, but I was somehow convinced. As Head teacher I felt immensely proud watching our children.

I know there has been lots going on in the background from parents support getting sponsorship, sorting the t-shirts and raising money to cover the entry fees. Well done to the older members of our team for taking part and helping the children get over some of the more difficult obstacles. 

What a brilliant achievement by all, I hope you all manage to get the mud cleaned out by next week. I have heard a rumour you can all show off you t-shirts on Monday.


Click here for lots of photos.


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