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Day 1 at Hawse End!

What a fantastic first day at Hawse End. Three groups of children adventured up the ghyll in Borrowdale and really enjoyed the pools of water along the way. Lots of wet, happy children and Harry Dent with a missing wellie. They had heads under waterfalls and used ropes and each other to climb up lots of tricky routes. The instructors were very impressed with all of them. The final group spent the afternoon on Derwent Water in their kayaks and played all sorts of games involving ‘rafting up’ and working as a team, needless to say many of them ended up tipping their kayaks and swimming much to their delight!

This morning we have all woken up refreshed after a good sleep and we have just finished eating our breakfast and making our packed lunches. We are currently sitting in the lounge ready to talk to the instructors about what lies ahead today!

Mrs Paisley smiley

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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