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Day 3 at Hawse End!

We have had a fabulous day today. We expected high winds and rain but luckily for us the forecast wasn’t quite right – we have had some wind to battle against on the lake but only a very small amount of drizzle to contend with. All of the groups have completed their final wet activities today and they loved every minute of it. Mr Smith’s group have been ghyll scrambling in Borrowdale and eagerly made their way up the mountain stream with big smiles on their faces. Mr Dennis’ group were canoe rafting on Derwent water and after rafting their canoes together they managed to paddle them in various different directions. Miss Miller’s group enjoyed learning to capsize their canoes in Derwent water and were delighted to be completely drenched; they had enormous smiles on their faces and worked brilliantly as a team. My group also loved their kayaking session and demonstrated some excellent paddling skills. As well as all of these very wet activities we have also spent time making fires and bread in the woods and completing more orienteering challenges. All in all the children have had a great day.

We are now in the lounge sharing stories with our friends – memories for the children to keep forever! In a few moments we are going to enjoy a buffet for our evening meal and our film night.

Mrs Paisley

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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