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Dig for Dinner #3

I for one was so engrossed in tonight's session, I didn't take any photos! Apologies. Please visit LoversLaneCommunityGarden on Facebook to see some snaps as I know many parents did capture the buzz on another busy night.  Over to Angus for another update on what we all got up to...


Angus' Diary

It was another glorious, sunny afternoon in the garden today.  This week we were planting pea seeds as part of an experiment.  Half of the seeds were soaked in water and half were dry and we planted them in a big tub.  We will see which seeds have grown the quickest next week.  After that it was time to dig out the wheelbarrows and spread some compost.  We emptied it into a bed and raked it out so it is ready for planting next week. After that we went to the shed to learn about planting potatoes in a dustbin and we harvested some quinoa grains.  We also cut some coriander leaves to take back to the kitchen.  Our cooking challenge this week was a curry.  Using the quinoa and coriander, we created a huge pot of Chick Pea Balti and some aromatic Indian flatbreads.  The smell was fantastic and a good time was once again had by all. 

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