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Dig for Dinner

What a fabulous start to our Dig for Dinner project we enjoyed this evening. The families involved loved exploring the Lovers' Lane garden and identifying plants, learning about composting and planting some Mustard Cress seeds. The leeks, potatoes and thyme were harvested successfully for our hearty soup and the freshly baked bread rolls were stunning! Great work everyone and thanks for all your help tidying up! See you all next week.


PS We hope you enjoyed eating what you created.  Please let Mr Armstrong know what you thought of it tomorrow.


Diary Entry #1 by Angus Loughery


First, we met at Mrs Shovlin's classroom and walked down to the Community Garden. When we arrived, we met Heather, Jane, Keith (AKA Mr Potato Man) and Michael (the chef) involved in the project.  We split into three groups and there were three activities to take part in - composting, harvesting and sowing. This week my group looked at methods of composting and what you can or can't put in the compost bin.  Did you know your compost should be made of 50% greens and 50% browns? You can also compost egg shells!  After finishing in the garden, we walked to the Methodist Hall to work with Michael. We then split into pairs and Michael taught us how to make Leek and Potato soup using a bouquet garni.  We also kneaded some dough to make bread rolls.  We took the food home and it was delicious.  We all had a very enjoyable afternoon and week one was a resounding success!



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