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Dukeshouse Wood

Wednesday @ 2pm

We have arrived! The sun is shining and the weather is mild. The boys and girls have had lunch and managed to make something that resembles a bed! Duvets are always a challenge. They are currently climbing and having a great time so far. Keep checking back here for further updates. 


Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Wow! What a fantastic start to our activity timetable. Laser tag in the woods was ‘epic’. Mrs Brooks has never laughed so much watching her group complete the blindfolded assault course called Nightline and we’ve just enjoyed pie and mash for tea. Archery, campfire and hot chocolate after tea. We’re all having a great time. 


Thursdsay @ 9:30am

Morning all! We have had a good night's rest and a hearty breakfast this morning.  The boys are showing the girls how it is done in the 'Who has the Tidiest Room?' competition and we are looking forward to another full day of adventurous activities, including some high ropes work.  The WiFi is painfully slow which is making uploading all the photographs difficult.  We will put as many as we can up while we are away and then put the hundreds of others up when we return to a greater broadband speed.


Thursday @ 6pm

All is well at the centre tonight. We have had another great day of activity with some amazing climbing performances on the ‘Leap of Faith’ and ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. We have enjoyed problem solving, fencing and aeroball which is like basketball on a trampoline. The children seem pretty tired so we’re expecting another peaceful night after our Asian tea this evening. The chicken and noodles went down well.


Friday @ 12pm

Our visit is coming to an end now and there are some tired, muddy faces who have had a great time. We had a lovely surprise this morning when the activity timetable changed and we all had a go on the 3G Swing! Wait until you see the photos of our in flight faces. We have just enjoyed chicken burger and chips for dinner and we are about to get packed ready up to venture home. See you at 2:30pm as planned. 


Here are a few photos........







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