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Great day for Athletics Team!

What a day at the Annual KS2 Athletics Competition!
Yesterday (Friday 6th June 2014) the athletics team went to the above competition held at William Howard School. The weather was hot and sunny especially for the occasion. The children worked together as a team, supporting each other in their events with lots of encouraging cheers which led to excellent performances from all of the children. Read on to find out the results…
I will start with the field events:
High jump Ewan Charlton 2nd 1.05 metres
  Aimee Burrus 3rd 0.95 metres
Long jump Harry Dickson 1st 2.85 metres
  Anna Beales 7th 2.11 metres
Standing vertical jump Thomas Turner 1st 57 cm
  Eloise Ealey 2nd 34 cm
Cricket ball throw Luke Tuddenham 4th 26.72 metres
  Georgia Earl 1st 23.38 metres
Foam Javelin Alex McCabe 5th 11.75 metres
  Rebecca Todhunter 1st 12.5 metres
Obstacle Race Harry Dickson 4th Heat
  Freya Green 2nd Final
Lots of fantastic performances from the children, who gave their best in each event, well done to everybody! Now time for a quick drink and a walk to the track for the track events.
70 metres sprint Jonny Emerson 1st Final
  Charlie Beales 5th Final
  Katy Mitchinson 2nd Final
  Sienna Taylor 4th Heat
Skipping race Andy Hall 4th Final
  Hannah Bolam 4th Heat
100 metres DJ Taylor 1st Final
  Giorgia Camele 7th Final
300 metres Felix Walton 6th Final
  Gabrielle Schaffrath 5th Final
800 metres Ewan Charlton 3rd Final
  Aimee Burrus 8th Final
4 x 100m relay Felix Walton
Thomas Turner
Toby Emerson
DJ Taylor



  Ella Brooks
Aimee Burrus
Gabrielle Schaffrath
Giorgia Camele



Again, lots of incredible performances from all the children competing in the running events. Yet again, another successful sporting outing for the children from Brampton Primary School - you all made your school very proud.
Hope you enjoy looking at the photographs below.
Mrs Paisley

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