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Green Tree Award

The children and staff at Brampton Primary school have been working hard over the past year to secure their Gold Tree Award from the Woodlands Trust. The accolade is awarded to schools who get involved in green activities including tree planting, visiting a local woodland, reducing carbon emissions and recycling. George Windle, a year 2 child at school said “It was really exciting going for a walk into the woods near our school. I took a photograph while I was pretending g to be a bug.”

The trust's Green Tree Schools initiative is a fantastic way to bring the great outdoors, wildlife and green issues into the classroom. The achievements of the school are recognised through an awards scheme in which they receive points for taking part in activities. As the school and children reach milestones within the project you receive bronze, silver and finally the gold level of the award. Our school recently received our wooden plaque and the children were delighted to find out their efforts had paid off. We are extremely lucky at Brampton Primary to have some amazing open spaces with great views, playing fields and amazing woodland walks right on our doorstep. Through activities such as tree planting, whole school assemblies and creating our very own ‘Tree Champions’, children have had the opportunity to get up-close with nature and begin to really appreciate woodlands and where they live.

Over the next year, we plan to embed the learning about woodlands and trees around school into our curriculum at Brampton. The next steps would be to think about expanding our outdoor spaces further and we are already looking into ways to do this through funding and grants.

Through the scheme and looking at our local area, we hope that the children will build up a respect, appreciation and cherish their local area.

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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