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Hawse End: Day 1

Hi all,

We've arrived and are safe! 

Thank you all for your positive send-offs this morning; we left on time and arrived at quarter to eleven ready for some bed making! I've attached some photos to prove the children can do it that you can feel free to use once their home, parents 

After lunch we all prepared for our afternoon activities: kayaking, orienteering and ghyll scrambling. A little bit of wind made steering the kayaks a little tricky (see the photo of Kelsey in the reeds!) and we experienced a new ghyll this afternoon with lots of slides and pools to land in! We have all been really proud of the children's positive attitudes, team work and resilience - we are definitely in for a good week.

We had a tasty tea tonight of pasta bolognaise with lots of the children trying it even if they weren't sure - and being pleasantly surprised! This was followed by our night walk with a special firework display and homemade shortbread and hot chocolate for supper.

This is always the latest night as the children are excited but they have been fantastic and we've had quiet rooms for  a good while now so they've settled really well - a great start!

We will update again tomorrow and Mr Clark will add some more photos that he has taken since we've been here - but here are a few to keep you going...

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