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Hawse End Day 2

Evening everybody.

Day 2 has been great! The children have completed lots of different activities from orienteering and bushcraft to ghyll scrambling, canoeing and kayaking. They have shown excellent navigation skills and most managed to use their maps effectively in the grounds of the house. They have made fire and used wood tools in the forest as well as making bread - yum! On the lake the children have worked in teams to build rafts and then paddle them into different challenges - all ending with leap of faith into the very cold water! The 'kayakers' also found their way around the lake managing to complete a number of different challenges - they also had a super time jumping off the jetty!

We are just about to go into the dining room to enjoy a scrumptious 'Christmas' dinner before giving the children a chance to prepare for and perform in, 'Brampton's Got Talent!' We can't wait!

Hope you enjoy the photographs no



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