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Hawse End Day 2

Hi all,

So after an incredibly calm start to our first night and luring us in to a false sense of security, unfortunately our night became a little less settled as the dreaded sick bug affected a few members of the group. We are so upset to not have them with us for the rest of the week and send them lots of get well wishes. They were very mature and sensible and the rest of the group offered great support - we are very proud to see such qualities in the children.

 Mr Clark has added some photos from the day - please see the link below. Our day started with some rain but this didn't stop us at all with our bushcraft, ghyll scrambling or open canoeing. By lunch time the weather had brightened and that resulted in two groups enjoying a gorgeous afternoon on the lake in kayaks and canoe rafts and another out orienteering.

We refuelled tonight on a roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding - and it was delicious as always! With a little change to our night time entertainment order, we set up our very own cinema tonight and enjoyed the new Aladdin film with some popcorn. The children are now in bed and with a good sleep I'm sure will be raring to go again tomorrow for our last full day of activities.

We will catch up again tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures!


Photos from today here.

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