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Hawse End day 3

Hello! A very quick update tonight as it's so late! 

We have had a picture perfect day at Hawse End. The sun shone for us all day and this morning was really fresh. 

My group scrambled up a ghyll with great enthusiasm and tackled several waterfalls, fallen trees and ended with a dip in a pool! I even took a plunge after some serious pressure! After warming up and having lunch, we had great fun up in the woods for our bushcraft session. Check out our pictures for some brilliant shelters, sawing skills and serious concentration faces trying to light fires!

Mrs Watson left us today so Mr Smith and Mrs Shovlin worked with the other two groups. Mrs Shovlin took a group in to the woods this morning to learn some bushcraft skills including making fire (sorry about the Christmas present lists that will be incoming when the children get home!), baking damper dough on sticks over their fires and using tools to make jewellery and coasters. This group then went kayaking this afternoon with Mr Smith and Mrs Israel, even braving the cold water when jumping off the jetty and embracing  a bit of lake swimming! Mr Smith thinks they must have paddled almost two miles!

The last group had Mr Smith for open canoe rafting this morning and were joined by Mrs Israel. They played a few games and again, ended with a jump off the jetty - a real Hawse End tradition! This afternoon they then learned some orienteering skills with their instructor, Mia, and Mrs Shovlin. This group have been full of beans this week and have really enjoyed all the new games they have learned! There are definitely some we will have to adopt in school!

We finished our day off with a buffet tea, a visit to the souvenir shop and a movie and popcorn. Our bags are pretty much packed, just a few bits to collect from the drying room in the morning before stripping our beds and problem-solving activities with the instructors. We will then have lunch and head back to Brampton, hoping to arrive between 2pm and 2:15pm.

I'm sure they are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and that the feeling is very mutual. We'll see you soon! Night night!

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