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Hawse End Thursday

What an amazing time we are having!

Yesterday brought us glorious sunshine and the children were certainly taking some time to appreciate their incredible surroundings when moving between their activities. 


Today has also brought us many successes. The children have been learning how to create fabulous fires in the woods and learning how to use various tools to create necklaces and bracelets. As well as cooking damper dough and toasting marshmallows around the fire - yum, yum! They have spent time navigating around orienteering courses and shooting some arrows into the archery targets. Some seem very keen to pursue this.  We have also had groups paddling their way around Derwent Water in kayaks and a year 5 group working together in their canoe rafts. When it came to packing their canoes away their instructor, Paul, commented that they were not only the best group he had had this week but the best group he had had all season!! Very impressive - well done Mrs Kenyon's group. Two groups made their way to Seatoller to take the journey up Honister ghyll and what a fantastic display of teamwork and care for one another they displayed. They completed lots of different challenges and loved being up to their necks in freezing cold water! 


After a delicious buffet meal, the children surprised us all with their excellent packing skills however, I'm not sure that parents will be so impressed with the lack of folding by some!! As I type the children are just having a quick drink before heading to bed for the final time. Lots of super activities  to look forward to in the morning before we have lunch and head back to school. 


We expect to arrive back at 2:30pm tomorrow afternoon. The children are looking forward to being greeted by their parents and the the slightly earlier finish. All ready for a well-deserved half term break. 


Hope you enjoy all of the fabulous photographs.

Sleep well, see you all tomorrow. smiley


More pics ............

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