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NOT THE Friday Fortnightly




We have successfully re-opened school this week for vulnerable and key worker children. The school is pristine if not a little sparse with much of the lovely resources put out of the way and many of the rooms out of use. Only a small number of children and teachers are in school and it is a long way from the bustling and exciting place we know BPS to be. 

All of the guidance and new procedures are being followed well with the one way system increasing everyone's daily step count considerably! With the amount of hand washing happening I think we are going to need to make an order for hand moisturiser.

We are hoping for good weather as with so few children in the class it is a very long day for the children and teachers. Getting outside will hopefully provide some relief. 

Year one have been the guinea pigs and had the chance to take part in an online Zoom with Mrs Shovlin. What a great way to see some of your school friends and teachers. Hopefully we will be able to roll this out to the rest of you soon.

Keep working on your online learning, I have seen the fantastic work you have been doing and I am sure many of you will have tales to tell of activities during this time. For some after an amazing start I am sure the enthusiasm for school work may be dropping. Keep trying to do what you can and posting your work on the Dojo for your teachers to see. Even a small amount of school work will keep your brains ticking over.

Our PTA have sent out the Year 6 hoodies as a gift from them. Check out Alfie modelling his below, don't they look great! We really wanted to do something special for our leavers but as time ticks on we cannot plan for anything definite. Hopefully this will be something small to raise your spirits year 6.

We are still unsure of when we will be able to open further. The school is struggling with the amount of staff available to open up to more groups of children. At present the risk assessment has deemed our maximum to be 20 children in two groups. Staff are on a rota where possible as they are still keen to continue the online learning with their classes as well as being in school. If and when things change we will be in contact with you all but please remember what you read in the news is not necessarily the case in all schools and each have their own unique circumstances.

I hope you are all staying safe and well and a big thank you for all your support.


Mr R Clark



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