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Money, Money, Money!

Today sees the start of our whole school Money Week. Children will be learning all about the different coins, finding totals, getting change and using money in real life contexts (Nursery are going on a trip to the shops!). However this is just the start… As well as the mathematical element of money children will be getting to grips with how money and the decisions they make about money will affect them now and in the future. We will be welcoming children from William Howard School on Wednesday to talk to children about how their spending habits have changed as they have got older.

So, we ask you as parents to talk to your child at home as much as you can about money and how it is used in our everyday lives. If your child has a bank account do they know how it works? If you give your child pocket money do they ‘earn’ it? Does your child understand how we can hand over a ‘magical’ card at the supermarket to pay for our shopping and what the consequence is of using that ‘magic’ card? The hole in the wall also leads to another great discussion! We look forward to helping your child in school become more financially aware and building on the work you already do at home.

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By March 2015 we hope to have achieved the PFEG Centre of Excellence award making our school a beacon of excellent economic education.
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