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Money Week 2018

This morning during our whole school assembly we kicked off Money Week 2018. The children will be doing lots of work in class this week about money. The mathematical aspect of using money is an important thing for children to learn. They need to know the different coins and notes and be able to find totals and change. However, this is just one small aspect of money.

Money Week gives our children the perfect opportunity to understand the social and emotional impact it can have on our lives. Through the use of stories, case studies, circle times and watching video clips children are going to develop their understanding of how money impacts things that we do. While some of these issues can be quite challenging to younger children, at Brampton Primary School we feel it is important for children to start developing positive attitudes towards money from a young age as it will shape their spending and saving habits in the future.

We have lots of things planned for your children, some classes even started some of their work last week! Peter Fraser, the manager from Santander in Carlisle will be joining Key Stage Two on Thursday afternoon so do not be surprised if your children come home asking about savings accounts, data protection and fraud!

Finally, because of the hard work of all teaching staff at Brampton Primary School I am happy to announce that we have been re-accredited as a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education for another three years by Young Money. There is still less than two hundred schools and universities throughout the UK with this award so it is something we are incredibly proud of.

If you would like to learn more about Money Week 2018 click on the link below:


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