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NOT the Friday Fortnightly! 29/06/2020


Dear parents,

Last week saw the start of a return of our Year 1 children. A small group of 9 attended for three days, it was very special to see them back in school working, playing and having fun. We are looking forward to seeing another two groups attend over the following weeks. I do believe Mrs Shovlin had a tear in her eye on more than one occasion during day one!

This week we are also welcoming back a small number of our Reception children.  I am sure they will find it as enjoyable as those that have already attended and look forward to their return.

When we all left school some thirteen weeks ago I never imagined that it would be the end of the school year for a large proportion of our children.  It saddens me greatly that we have not been able to give our children, especially those in Year six the usual send off. Assemblies, teachers v children rounders, water balloon fun games, sharing in their achievements and numerous other exciting moments have not been able to happen. It is now highly unlikely that with the current restrictions and guidance that we will be able to welcome back more children either from Year six or other year groups. It is especially important to us that we celebrate our Year sixes in some way, and so on the final day of term we are inviting them in to school for a leavers’ morning. This will consist of fun activities and a chance to see school staff and their friends. All of this will of course be arranged with the guidance in mind.

Therefore, during the last week of term school will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for vulnerable and keyworker children. We will be closed on Thursday for a clean of the school and open for Year six only on Friday morning. Further information for Year six will follow shortly.

We have been very busy in school during the lockdown and I have tried to make as many improvements as possible happen. The Junior external windows have all been painted as too has the large hall ready for assemblies in September. The courtyard has been deep cleaned and much of the rotten wood etc been removed. We are awaiting an exciting new addition to that area. The school has had three new boilers ensuring that hot water is now available throughout. The outside classroom has had a clean and sort out and is ready for use at playtimes and lessons. Yards and pathways have all been swept and cleared, although by the time you return in the Autumn it may not look like it!

Currently we are interviewing for various roles in school, and once those are confirmed I shall contact you with information regarding your child’s class for next year. All the reports have been written and you will receive these once finalised.

During the final week children in Years 2/3/4/5 will have the opportunity to collect their belongings from school, I will contact you closer to the time with the organisation and timetable for this.

As I write this letter I count my blessings that I have not personally been affected by Coronavirus. For anyone from our community that has, I send my sincere wishes. If we can support you in any way possible please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,



Mr R Clark

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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