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NOT THE Friday Fortnightly



Dear all,


How we all crave for some normality. For myself it has been a much needed spirit raiser having even our small amount of children in school. Hearing their voices and laughter has brought an element of life back to BPS. The groups are now at a maximum on some days with children and staff happy and feeling safe with our systems.


We now have the ability to introduce another group to school. Due to the staff involved, our year one children will have the opportunity to attend school on invited days. This will consist of three groups of children over three weeks. Each group will have a maximum of ten children and be offered three days in one of those weeks. Year one parents will be contacted separately to confirm these details.


I will continue to contact you all, as and when any further changes happen.


Year 6 have now been contacted by William Howard School regarding their transition to Year 7. It is a shame that we cannot provide the usual support we would normally offer. I would strongly advise you to take part where possible in the all session to get the most from them.


Thank you and well done to Mr Armstrong for his continued book reading I'm sure it has brought a smile to many of the children's faces. Where will he be next I wonder?


The Zoom chats have continued well, with some of the teachers struggling to get a word in and I believe one was even taken over by family pets!


If you have not been on the Dojo for a while or avoided the online learning, do try to complete a little bit...... as a well known supermarket says, "Every little helps!"


I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well, personally I am really looking forward to the day we can all be back in school together.


Mr Clark 

Nursery – Mrs Harper & Mrs Bareham
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