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River Day

56CP embarked upon an exciting adventure to the River Irthing near Lanercost today (Thursday 18th September 2014) as part of our current topic. We were the 3rd class of 3 in year 5 and 6 to go to the river. Mrs Israel’s class had a good day out on Tuesday and Miss Miller’s class yesterday. We all worked with Becky from the Eden Rivers Trust who taught us about the journey of the river Eden from source to mouth and about the wildlife we would find during our river visit.
After enjoying our lunch, we completed activities such as: drawing a river corridor survey, measuring the flow rate of the river, graphing a cross section of the river and finally river dipping! Luckily, most of the children had packed spare clothes – they really enjoyed the day and spending time in the river getting wet was an added bonus!
Huge thanks must go to all of the adults for accompanying our trip today – they seemed to enjoy themselves too!  
Hope you enjoy the photographs below.
Mrs Paisley

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